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Rd 1-2 victors/victims
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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/14/12 8:24 am)   
Edited:  21 days ago   (8/1/14 9:38 am)
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Littleton, CO
Member (Mar 2010)
67 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 8:48 am)   
thanks pete


Georgetown, KY
Member (Mar 2011)
8 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 8:53 am)   
Thank you. This is good stuff.


Cleveland, OH
Member (Mar 2011)
1 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 11:17 am)   
of course you mean rounds two and three...Why cant they just call the first round what it really is.... PLAY IN GAMES!


Saint Paul, MN
Member (Mar 2011)
10 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 11:37 am)   
Of course you take these factors along with the Disqualifiers and one can be royally confused....It's like hearing Vitale contradict Bilas who contradicts Lunardi...OMG

Let The MADNESS begin! lol


Smyrna, GA
Member (Mar 2012)
10 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 12:58 pm)   
Temple's combined rebound TO margin is less than 2...why are they not on this list? Am I missing something?


Member (Mar 2010)
92 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 1:02 pm)   
Temple's combined rebounding+TO margin is exactly 2.0, not less than 2. Therefore they pass


Smyrna, GA
Member (Mar 2012)
10 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 1:04 pm)   
Got it. Thanks!

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 2:07 pm)   
@sbrosenthal - If you torture statistics long enough, you can get them to say anything. ;- )


Lincoln, NE
Member (Feb 2007)
2 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 7:47 pm)   
For first rd victims 3 seeds are blank. does this mean all of the 3 seeds qualify are none?

Ryan Tressler
West Chester, PA
Member (Feb 2009)
103 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/14/12 8:02 pm)   
None of the 3 seeds fit the profile


Chicago, IL
Member (Mar 2012)
5 comments posted

  2 years ago   (3/17/12 8:00 am)   
I think those lower seeds need to be added to the list as victors and vice versa. A couple of us called out Leigh.
The fact that your research showed teams with Leigh's numbers were 4- 8 is amazing. That was good enough for me to pick them in my SU bracket and for sure in my ATS bracket.

Dont count anyone out!

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