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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 3 years ago   (12/1/11 7:18 pm)   
Edited:  19 months ago   (12/23/12 12:41 am)
Bracketscience tips off for 2011- 12 season:

December is here—and that means another season at has begun. When last we left the dance, the Madometer was going haywire under a record flurry of upsets. Tried- and- true rules for winning tourney pools were getting broken. And we wound up with a bracket- busting Final Four ... more »

Scott Horman
Lynnwood, WA
Member (Feb 2010)
5 comments posted

This is the year!
  3 years ago   (12/2/11 2:03 pm)   
Hey Pete,

I'm excited to see what you pull together to help us determine how crazy things are going to get in March. The trend is definitely towards parity. And the collapsed bracket identifiers sound intriguing.

This is the year!


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