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Disqualifier cheat sheet
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Elmwood, IL
Member (Mar 2011)
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  Posted: 3 years ago   (3/14/11 3:24 pm)   
Edited:  7 days ago   (8/22/14 2:04 pm)
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Brooklyn, NY
Member (Mar 2011)
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  Posted: 3 years ago   (3/14/11 3:12 pm)   
Edited:  8 hours ago   (8/29/14 5:13 pm)
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Member (Mar 2010)
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  Posted: 3 years ago   (3/14/11 2:46 pm)   
Edited:  16 hours ago   (8/29/14 9:18 am)
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Madison, WI
Member (Mar 2010)
45 comments posted

  3 years ago   (3/14/11 2:29 pm)   
Pete, thanks for the chart. I would agree that San DIego ST looks good as a 2 seed, though that becomes scary with a mid major league. I agree that UConn seems weak for a 3 seed. I think Wisconsin (I am an alum, painful to even watch some of their games) is ripe for an upset, especially given the matchup with Belmont. Oakland vs Texas looks ... more »

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 3 years ago   (3/14/11 1:34 pm)   
Edited:  52 minutes ago   (8/30/14 12:22 am)
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