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Head scratchin' Top 10
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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 4 years ago   (11/1/10 6:32 pm)   
Edited:  3 years ago   (12/27/11 9:30 pm)
Top ten in AP and ESPN/ USA all have big question marks:

The more I look at the top ten teams selected in the AP and ESPN/ USA pre- season, the more convinced I am that we're in for another wild mudfight of a tourney. There really isn't any flat- out dominant squad like there's been in past years. Okay, so last year I wasn't ... more »


Member (Mar 2010)
92 comments posted

  4 years ago   (11/10/10 9:22 pm)   
I'm already signed up and ready for 2011 basketball.

Great article, Pete. I look forward to your continued analysis.


Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Member (Nov 2010)
7 comments posted

  4 years ago   (11/16/10 11:01 am)   

Happy New Year!!!

San Diego might have a contender this year. This Leonard kid reminds me of Scottie Pippen.

So you don't like anybody so far. When all else fails in college, the coaches make the difference.

A group of friends always have a preseason Final Four draft. It's Thursday night. Any info to help me?

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  4 years ago   (11/16/10 10:26 pm)   
Hoops411 - Check out the champs article. Just got done watching the Tip- Off Marathon. OSU impressed me. Sullinger is for real. MSU looked good too. Not sold on Kansas State after what I watched. Didn't see Duke...but they're pounding people. I can't see Butler repeating the magic. Still too early to tell.

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