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Rafteridiculous, Part 2
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Sioux Falls, SD
Member (Mar 2009)
4 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/24/10 3:13 pm)   
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Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Member (Jan 2007)
12 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/22/10 12:19 am)   
Raftery along with Vern...I can't do anymore. The Mute button is pressed very fast. Raftery is a quack.
Hopefully is shift is over for this tournament.


Williamstown, MA
Member (Mar 2010)
3 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/21/10 12:17 pm)   
So glad to see the "He has stroked it admirably" comment up there. As soon as I heard that I thought immediately of this blog.

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/21/10 12:04 pm) laugh of the day!


New York, NY
Member (Mar 2009)
8 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/21/10 2:06 am)   
Ha, if I hadn't heard some of these myself I'd think you were trying too hard to make stuff up. But you really actually can't make this stuff up, because these strings of words wouldn't occur to anyone else but him. Sometimes he sounds like an alien who came to Earth and observed basketball commentary for a few hours and then tried to mimic it.

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

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