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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/18/10 9:34 pm)   
Big East failures highlight night of record upsets:

We're only 12 games into the 2010 tourney and it's already more unpredictable than the entire 2007 dance. That's right: 12 games have resulted in more craziness than all 63 games in 2007. Amazing. In fact, right now, the Madometer reads 35.4 percent Chitwoodin' madness. ... more »


Member (Mar 2010)
92 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/18/10 10:20 pm)   
Pete, it's been a hell of a day!

I had a math test at 8:30, which was annoying. But, it's been a great day of ups and downs. When Murray State made the game winning shot I was running up and down the dorm halls with my friend screaming at the top of my lungs! Same thing with Washington. UTEP losing was definitely a low ... more »


New York, NY
Member (Mar 2009)
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  Posted: 5 years ago   (3/19/10 9:37 pm)   
Edited:  3 years ago   (12/27/11 6:19 am)
For the Big East, it was a combination of this being a relatively weak year for the conference, bad performances yesterday, and bad luck. It happens. I don't think you can really draw any conclusions from it, except for what you said: nobody knows anything. It's true! It's not like these teams are playing 7 game series. Anything can happen in this tournament - and so far this year, anything and everything is happening.


Southington, CT
Member (Feb 2008)
2 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/20/10 3:00 pm)   
Consider that Cal was the BEST Pac- 10 team and Louisville was maybe the 7th best Big East team... ANd Washington was clearly the 2nd- best team in a "BCS" conference, and Marquette is around the 6th- best Big East team.

Yeah, ok, they got the Big East there... But if the Big East's 2nd best (WVU) played the Pac- 10s 6th- best (Arizona?), it would be a bloodbath the other way around.

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