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Soft 1-8 seeds?
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Long Island City, NY
Member (Mar 2009)
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  4 years ago   (3/8/10 3:05 pm)   
That is an interesting thought and would be very helpful and probably eye opening if we had those numbers I agree.

On another note, one other thing I was curious about; Pete would there be an easy way to figure out what Ohio States pythag would be in just the games with Turner? Im curious how different the pythag and scoring margin would be for them being that they are a completely different team. Thanks for all the great info...


Arlington, VA
Member (Feb 2009)
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  Posted: 4 years ago   (3/8/10 2:52 am)   
Edited:  3 years ago   (12/27/11 5:09 am)
Would love to know the PASE of #3- #7 seeds (there haven't been any #1s or #2s...yet) with pythag below 0.9000.

I use this as sort of a "golden rule" for selecting (or more accurately, NOT selecting) teams of these seeds for the Pick 8 / Crazy 8s type pool I enter every year.

I already know ... more »

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  4 years ago   (3/2/10 11:14 am)   
Can't wait to compare these curves once the tourney is set. Thanks for the great idea, spiggz.


New York, NY
Member (Feb 2007)
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  4 years ago   (3/1/10 11:47 pm)   
Very, cool, that is exactly what I was hoping to see. That switch at the tail end may portend a very "mad" tourney.

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  4 years ago   (3/1/10 10:28 pm)   
Comparing this year’s top 32 Pythag teams to 1- 8 seeds from the last six tourneys:

Last Friday, I wrote a blog pointing out that this year’s top ten teams in terms of efficiency numbers had considerably lower Pythag values than their counterparts from the past six tourneys. One user, my man Spiggz, wondered whether the relative weakness ... more »

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