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09 vs. 24 dances
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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
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  Posted: 6 years ago   (3/17/09 8:53 am)   
Edited:  3 years ago   (8/27/11 1:37 am)
2009 tourney field:

The 2009 tourney field is unique from the other 24 dances of the 64- team era in many ways. Here are just a few:

- Second most tourney- tested coaches (6.31 trips) to 1999 (6.50 trips)
- Second coldest field heading into the tourney (7.09 wins in last ten) to 1985 (7.03)
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Rockville, MD
Member (Mar 2007)
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  6 years ago   (3/17/09 11:01 am)   
In a year with low scoring averages and margins, should we favor the higher scoring teams and higher win margin teams even more?


Spring, TX
Member (Mar 2007)
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  6 years ago   (3/17/09 12:03 pm)   
You would think, but at the same time you would have to favor teams like Memphis. I can see it going both ways. I would say good defensive clubs would fare well in a tournament like this one.

Interested to hear what Pete thinks.


Orange Park, FL
Member (Feb 2007)
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  6 years ago   (3/17/09 1:44 pm)   
I think the change in distance for 3 pointers needs to be considered before assuming this is a low scoring field or any other stat that involves scoring. From the statistics that I saw the 3pt FG% is down at least 1% point. I have not seen any stat on whether or not teams are attempting less 3 pointers. This has to be considered before opining on this year's field.

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