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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  6 years ago   (2/16/09 9:54 pm)   
I was waiting to see if Thabeet could handle a tandem of good big men. The huge numbers from Young and Blair say no. As mentioned in my blog, the biggest difference with this Pitt squad from others is that they don't need to take the air out of the ball to win. Last time I checked, they were the most offensively efficient squad in the country. ... more »


Sun Prairie, WI
Member (Feb 2009)
6 comments posted

  6 years ago   (2/16/09 9:19 pm)   
The pittsburgh and Uconn game just ended. All i have to say is wow Dejuan Blair is an absolute beast. This game really showed me a couple things. First is that Dyson is a really huge loss for Uconn. Dyson was the go to player on Uconn and without him, that may hurt them in a possible sweet sixteen and elite 8 matchup. Also, i was wondering what all ... more »

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