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PDF download problem
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Member (Mar 2010)
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  Posted: 4 years ago   (3/15/10 5:05 pm)   
Edited:  4 years ago   (3/15/10 5:08 pm)
I found the problem Peter (at least for Windows Vista using Firefox). In the link to the PDF's you have two " marks in there. Delete both of the " marks and the PDF works.


Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
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  4 years ago   (3/15/10 4:57 pm)   
Some people having problems downloading models PDFs:

We threw in the "download PDF" feature for the models late yesterday and thought it all worked fine. Now we're finding that it has some problems with certain browsers. (Works fine on my Mac!) We're investigating and will come up with some solution- - even if it's posting a zip file with all the PDF's together. Answers soon...

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