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Keeper's up
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Spring, TX
Member (Mar 2007)
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  6 years ago   (3/18/09 10:18 pm)   
Thanks Pete for another great March. 3 years now and the site gets better and better. Will be looking forward to your analysis as the tourney goes into April.

Really appreciate your hard work, and the time you take to respond on here and to our emails. Seems like the site is doing well.

Denver, CO
Member (Jan 2009)
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It's Madness I Tell You!
  6 years ago   (3/18/09 7:58 pm)   
Pete, first off, great job over the past 3 days. Get some sleep tonight. Wondering what you thoughts are regarding 1) no double- digit seed making it to the Sweet 16 and 2) no 8th or higher seed in the Elite 8? Function of the match- ups this year?

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  6 years ago   (3/18/09 5:10 pm)   
My keeper bracket stays conservative and picks Pitt, like my gut instincts:

I just uploaded my keeper bracket. It's not very different from the gut instincts. My Final Four is Louisville, Memphis, Pitt and North Carolina. I agonized over Wake Forest of Michigan State toppling Louisville. I thought about Missouri over Memphis. The Pitt/Duke/Villanova ... more »

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