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Georgetown, KY
Georgetown, KY
Georgetown, KY
Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY
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12 models at 72%
Call me crazy- but I'm still not really a believer in Louisville. I thought ...
3 years ago

12 models at 72%
My gut is not good (around 52%) stats based one is around 78%. That ...
3 years ago

Madness still a record
The Great 8. Here are the teams that the Top Ten picked (I think- I didn't ...
3 years ago

Tourney trend tracker
I loved New Mexico State...until I saw the first round match-up. Didn't think ...
3 years ago

Do Great 8 now!
How many people are in? I want to win something! I'd love it if it was like ...
3 years ago

Rd 1-2 victors/victims
Thank you. This is good stuff.
3 years ago

#10: Data sculpting
In my bracket where I'm not going with straight Pomeroy rankings, and as long ...
3 years ago

10 down, two to go
Got my Great Eight filled out. Wouldn't miss it for anything. I know the brackets ...
3 years ago

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