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Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD
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Just Keeper left...
I made(and updated this year) a breakout of the sweet 16 on an excel sheet ...
5 years ago

Just Keeper left...
Pulse check is too BCS oriented and based on history it won't happen - at least ...
5 years ago

Models = too much Duke?
cc002 - that Villanova team lost in the Elite 8 to eventual champion Florida(in ...
5 years ago

2-5 weak, 8-12 strong
Interesting stuff. The 8-9 being better impact may not be very high if the #1 ...
5 years ago

Kentucky Exception
My follow up to this question is if this year's Kentucky team is similar to ...
5 years ago

Villanova sputtering
Maryland fan and grad here. I don't know how Maryland will play in the ACC Tourney ...
5 years ago

Maryland surprise
It's nice to see Maryland listed on the potential winner list. As a MD grad ...
5 years ago

Madometer for 2009-2010
Pete - I don't know if a preliminary madometer numbers have been calculated ...
5 years ago

Jordan Williams
Wonderful do the job! Really like viewing often the circulation along with understanding ...
5 years ago

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