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Newport Beach, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Newport Coast, CA
Aliso Viejo, CA
Aliso Viejo, CA
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10 down, two to go
I have another question/concern. I triple-checked the Louisville/Davidson seed guide ...
3 years ago

10 down, two to go
oh gotcha my bad
3 years ago

10 down, two to go
Is it just me or does the seed guide rules have new mexico state over indiana? i ...
3 years ago

Bracket AVG: 42 of 63
actually disregard my last post, because you already answered it in your last post.
5 years ago

Bracket AVG: 42 of 63
Pete, This is off-topic, but how do you define an All-American? How would you ...
5 years ago

3 models, 3 champs
I did the math for the final four/champ model before your posted it, and I had ...
6 years ago

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