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The Woodlands, TX
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Spring, TX
Spring, TX
Spring, TX
Spring, TX
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Fate of Big Six champs
Pete, you planning on doing anything like this for the mid-majors? Probably a bit ...
3 years ago

Snake-bitten coaches
Hasn't Painter had a team or two that limped into the tournament? I could just ...
3 years ago

Chat times Wednesday
Lucus, seems a little rough. Pete has been doing this for some time. You don't ...
4 years ago

10 of 12 models done
Thanks Pete. always.
4 years ago

09 S16 vs. others
Syracuse looks really good to me. The only concern that I have is their depth, and ...
6 years ago

09 S16 vs. others
It does and doesn't bother me. I think we are in for a few surprises. None of ...
6 years ago

No-one-seed bracket
Pete, I like your thinking. I stayed pretty conservative in all but the South. I ...
6 years ago

Keeper's up
Thanks Pete for another great March. 3 years now and the site gets better and better. ...
6 years ago

F4/Champ change
Gonzaga is probably the strongest 4 seed in the tourney this year. The only thing ...
6 years ago

Chat tomorrow
I am really interested to see how the Pythag does this year. I like the way it looks, ...
6 years ago

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