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Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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Oceanside, CA
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NC most likely champ?
Pete: will you be updating the contender, pretender, sleeper, etc list before selection ...
3 years ago

Rafteridiculous, Part 2
Raftery along with Vern...I can't do anymore. The Mute button is pressed very ...
5 years ago

Rock Shock!
I wish you would have repeated yourself in March. The coach is about to enter the ...
5 years ago

Models = too much Duke?
Pete: Don't second guess your models on Duke. They aren't dominating, ...
5 years ago

News on models/sheet
Pete: you da man!!! thanks for giving us the PDF printable option. ...
5 years ago

Syracuse Fans -- Need Injury Update
The press is giving us the "day to day" storyline. What is the real story???? ...
5 years ago

Kentucky Exception
Kentucky will miss pressure free throws because Calipari doesn't stress them ...
5 years ago

Madometer haywire!
NCAA Basketball Forum and Discussion Board: March Madness : Madometer haywire! ...
6 years ago

Gut, Keeper perfect
dext....thanks for the correction. I heard that from a talking head on the radio ...
6 years ago

Gut, Keeper perfect
Pete: Good job again this year. I play in a "big" March Madness ...
6 years ago

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